About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission statement is based on seven core Biblical values that we believe all people need in their lives. As we experience worship, discipleship, Christian fellowship, ministry, prayer, missions and evangelism, we begin to discover how full life can really be. Because we feel these values are imperative to living a full and meaningful life, we have created activities and studies that cultivate these values.

Our sincere hope is that you will discover how amazing God’s love is, that you will give control of your life over to Jesus Christ, and that you will cultivate these values in your own life by actively participating in one or more of these ministries.

At Corinth Baptist Church we strive to be  Christ-centered, which means:

Celebrating God’s work in our lives (Worship),
Helping our Community (Ministry),
Reaching out to the unchurched (Evangelism and Missions),
Impacting our world through prayer (Prayer),
Sharing the joys and burdens of life together (Christian Fellowship),
and Teaching the Word of God (Discipleship)

We are members of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Baptist General Assembly of Virginia, and the  Dover Baptist Association.  We also join  with brothers and sisters in Christ of other  denominations
through the New Kent Clergy Association  and with Christians around the  world  through the
Baptist World  Alliance.

At Corinth Baptist Church, New Kent VA we strive to be Christ-centered.